All Relations between Mood Disorders and affective value

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Maria Dalby, Morana Vitezic, Niels Plath, Lene Hammer-Helmich, Yunxuan Jiang, Chao Tian, Devika Dhamija, Catherine H Wilson, David Hinds, Patrick F Sullivan, Joshua W Buckholtz, Jordan W Smolle. Characterizing mood disorders in the AFFECT study: a large, longitudinal, and phenotypically rich genetic cohort in the US. Translational psychiatry vol 12 issue 1 2022 35338122 the affective disorders, environment, and cognitive trait (affect) study presents an opportunity to identify and associate the structure of cognition and symptom-level domains across the mood disorder spectrum in a prospective study from a diverse us population.participants were recruited from the 23andme, inc research participant database and through social media; self-reported diagnosis of md or bd by a medical professional and medication status data were used to enrich for mood-disorder cases. 2022-03-26 2022-04-14 Not clear
Evelien Schat, Francis Tuerlinckx, Arnout C Smit, Bart De Ketelaere, Eva Ceuleman. Detecting mean changes in experience sampling data in real time: A comparison of univariate and multivariate statistical process control methods. Psychological methods vol issue 2021 34914467 detecting early warning signals of developing mood disorders in continuously collected affective experience sampling (esm) data would pave the way for timely intervention and prevention of a mood disorder from occurring or to mitigate its severity. 2021-12-16 2022-01-13 Not clear
Chihiro Morishita, Rie Kameyama, Hiroyuki Toda, Jiro Masuya, Yota Fujimura, Shinji Higashi, Ichiro Kusumi, Takeshi Inou. TEMPS-A (short version) plays a supplementary role in the differential diagnosis between major depressive disorder and bipolar disorder. Psychiatry and clinical neurosciences vol 75 issue 5 2021 33452845 there has been increased interest regarding the association between affective temperaments and mood disorder diagnosis. 2021-11-08 2022-01-14 Not clear
Chihiro Morishita, Rie Kameyama, Hiroyuki Toda, Jiro Masuya, Yota Fujimura, Shinji Higashi, Ichiro Kusumi, Takeshi Inou. TEMPS-A (short version) plays a supplementary role in the differential diagnosis between major depressive disorder and bipolar disorder. Psychiatry and clinical neurosciences vol 75 issue 5 2021 33452845 our aim was to analyze the diagnostic validity of affective temperaments assessed by the short version of the temperament evaluation of memphis, pisa, paris and san diego-autoquestionnaire version (temps-a), in mood disorder patients. 2021-11-08 2022-01-14 Not clear
Madelyn H Labella, Sarah K Ruiz, Susan J Harris, Bonnie Klimes-Douga. Emotion socialization in mothers with mood disorders: Affective modeling and recollected responses to childhood emotion. Development and psychopathology vol 33 issue 4 2021 32672147 findings provide novel evidence that major depression and bipolar disorder are associated with altered emotion socialization and that maternal affective modeling in early childhood prospectively predicts young adults' recollections of emotion socialization in families with and without mood disorder. 2021-11-04 2022-01-13 Not clear
Agata M Grzegorzewska, Mariusz S Wiglusz, Wies\\xc5\\x82aw J Cuba\\xc5\\x82a, Katarzyna Jakuszkowiak-Wojten, Adam W\\xc5\\x82odarczyk, Joanna Szarmac. Dysphoria and Irritability-Diagnostic Pitfalls in the Assessment of Interictal Dysphoric Disorder in Epilepsy. Journal of clinical medicine vol 10 issue 19 2021 34640642 in the psychiatric literature, an epilepsy-specific pleomorphic mood disorder has been long recognized and described as idd, a condition characterized by eight symptoms, which are grouped into four labile depressive symptoms, two labile affective symptoms, and two specific symptoms. 2021-10-16 2022-01-13 Not clear
Manon Dubol, C Neill Epperson, Rupert Lanzenberger, Inger Sundstr\\xc3\\xb6m-Poromaa, Erika Comasc. Neuroimaging premenstrual dysphoric disorder: A systematic and critical review. Frontiers in neuroendocrinology vol 57 issue 2021 32268180 endocrine organizational and activational influences on cognitive and affective circuits are likely critical to the development of premenstrual dysphoric disorder (pmdd), a sex-specific hormone-dependent mood disorder. 2021-05-24 2022-01-13 Not clear
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Jing Gao, Kai Li, Lingfang Du, Hongqiang Yin, Xiaoyue Tan, Zhuo Yan. Deletion of asparagine endopeptidase reduces anxiety- and depressive-like behaviors and improves abilities of spatial cognition in mice. Brain research bulletin vol 142 issue 2019 30030107 mood disorder is one of the most emotional symptoms that can be seen in ad patients, which leads us to assume that aep can modulate affective behaviors. 2019-07-26 2022-01-13 Not clear
Jeffrey Vongmany, Louise D Hickman, Joanne Lewis, Phillip J Newton, Jane L Phillip. Anxiety in chronic heart failure and the risk of increased hospitalisations and mortality: A systematic review. European journal of cardiovascular nursing : journal of the Working Group on Cardiovascular Nursing of the European Society of Cardiology vol 15 issue 7 2018 26912725 anxiety is a serious affective mood disorder that affects many chronic heart failure patients. 2018-04-06 2022-01-12 Not clear
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Bur\\xc3\\xa7 \\xc3\\x87a\\xc4\\x9fr\\xc4\\xb1 Poyraz, Ay\\xc5\\x9fe Sakall\\xc4\\xb1 Kani, Cana Aksoy Poyraz, Tuba \\xc3\\x96cek Ba\\xc5\\x9f, Mehmet Kemal Ar\\xc4\\xb1ka. Cognitive Psychophysiological Substrates of Affective Temperaments. Clinical EEG and neuroscience vol 48 issue 2 2017 27193594 affective temperaments are the subclinical manifestations or phenotypes of mood states and hypothetically represent one healthy end of the mood disorder spectrum. 2017-02-27 2022-01-12 Not clear
J M Azorin, R Belzeaux, E Fakra, E G Hantouche, M Adid. Characteristics of depressive patients according to family history of affective illness: Findings from a French national cohort. Journal of affective disorders vol 198 issue 2017 26998792 literature is scarce about the characteristics of mood disorder patients with a family history (fh) of affective illness. 2017-02-08 2022-01-12 Not clear
Daria Smirnova, Alexey Pavlichenko, Olga Karpenko, Liubov Schmeleva, Petr Morozo. A synopsis of original research projects published in scientific database in the Russian Federation. Asian journal of psychiatry vol 15 issue 2016 26022056 the fourth project uses functional mri for probing the features of neuronal resting-state networks in patients with temporal lobe epilepsy; the association with affective symptoms provides a model for investigating the pathophysiology of mood disorder. 2016-04-08 2022-01-12 Not clear
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Mesut Y\\xc4\\xb1ld\\xc4\\xb1z, Mehmet Vural, Mehmet Emin Erdal, \\xc3\\x96zlem \\xc4\\xb0zci Ay, \\xc5\\x9eenay G\\xc3\\xb6r\\xc3\\xbcc\\xc3\\xbc Y\\xc4\\xb1lmaz, \\xc4\\xb0brahim Fatih Karababa, Salih Sele. Lack of association of DRD3 and CNR1 polymorphisms with premenstrual dysphoric disorders. Iranian journal of reproductive medicine vol 13 issue 4 2015 26131011 premenstrual dysphoric disorder (pmdd) is a mood disorder characterized with physical and affective symptoms during the luteal phase of susceptible women. 2015-07-01 2022-01-12 Not clear
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