All Relations between attention control and primary visual cortex

Reference Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
Michael J Spilka, Daniel J Pittman, Signe L Bray, Vina M Goghar. Manipulating visual scanpaths during facial emotion perception modulates functional brain activation in schizophrenia patients and controls. Journal of abnormal psychology vol 128 issue 8 2020 31535886 Typical viewing led to greater activation in visual association cortex including the right inferior occipital gyrus/occipital face area, whereas atypical viewing elicited greater activation in primary visual cortex and regions involved in attentional control. 2020-02-03 2022-01-09 human
M Ahissar, S Hochstei. Learning pop-out detection: specificities to stimulus characteristics. Vision research vol 36 issue 21 1997 8977015 We suggest that the site of early perceptual learning is one of the cortical areas which receive input from primary visual cortex, V1, and where top-down attentional control is present. 1997-01-21 2022-01-07 Not clear