All Relations between brooding and brodmann area 7

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Angela Fang, Bengi Baran, Clare C Beatty, Jennifer Mosley, Jamie D Feusner, K Luan Phan, Sabine Wilhelm, Dara S Manoac. Maladaptive Self-Focused Attention and Default Mode Network Connectivity: A Transdiagnostic Investigation Across Social Anxiety and Body Dysmorphic Disorders. Social cognitive and affective neuroscience vol issue 2022 34875086 Patients (regardless of diagnosis) showed reduced functional connectivity of the PCC with several brain regions, including the bilateral superior parietal lobule (SPL), compared to controls, which was inversely correlated with maladaptive SFA but not associated with social anxiety, body dysmorphic, or depression severity, or rumination. 2022-01-07 2022-01-09 Not clear