All Relations between long term memory and microglial cell

Reference Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
Henrique C Campos, Deidiane Elisa Ribeiro, Debora Hashiguchi, Deborah Y Hukuda, Christiane Gimenes, Simone A A Romariz, Qing Ye, Yong Tang, Henning Ulrich, Beatriz Monteiro Long. Distinct Effects of the Hippocampal Transplantation of Neural and Mesenchymal Stem Cells in a Transgenic Model of Alzheimer's Disease. Stem cell reviews and reports vol issue 2022 34997526 Therefore, the present study aimed to investigate whether transplantation of NSC or MSC into the hippocampus of APP/PS1 mice reverses AD-induced pathological alterations, evaluated by the locomotor activity (open field test), short- and long-term memory (object recognition) tests, \xce\x91\xce\xb2 plaques (6-E10), microglia distribution (Iba-1), M1 (iNOS) and M2 (ARG-1) microglial phenotype\xc2\xa0frequencies. 2022-01-08 2022-01-09 mouse
Sandra Bonfante, Larissa Joaquim, Maria Eduarda Fileti, Amanda Della Giustina, Mariana Pereira de Souza Goldim, Lucin\\xc3\\xa9ia Gainski Danielski, Evandro Cittadin, Raquel Jaconi De Carli, Bianca Xavier de Farias, Nicole Alessandra Engel, Naiana da Rosa, Juc\\xc3\\xa9lia Jeremias Fortunato, Vijayasree Giridharan, Giselli Scaini, Gislaine Tezza Rezin, Jaqueline Generoso, Rafael Mariano de Bitencourt, Silvia Terra, Tatiana Barichello, Fabricia Petronilh. Stanniocalcin 1 Inhibits the Inflammatory Response in Microglia and Protects Against Sepsis-Associated Encephalopathy. Neurotoxicity research vol 39 issue 2 2021 33025358 Here, we demonstrated a protective role of STC-1 on inflammatory responses in vitro, in activated microglia stimulated with LPS, and on neuroinflammation, oxidative stress, and mitochondrial function in the hippocampus of rats subjected to an animal model of sepsis by cecal ligation and puncture (CLP), as well the consequences on long-term memory. 2021-12-10 2022-01-08 rat
Gaia Scabia, Giovanna Testa, Manuela Scali, Serena Del Turco, Genni Desiato, Nicoletta Berardi, Alessandro Sale, Michela Matteoli, Lamberto Maffei, Margherita Maffei, Marco Mainard. Reduced ccl11/eotaxin mediates the beneficial effects of environmental stimulation on the aged hippocampus. Brain, behavior, and immunity vol 98 issue 2021 34418501 Interfering, in mice, with the ccl11 decrease induced by EE ablated the beneficial effects on long-term memory retention, hippocampal neurogenesis, activation of local microglia and of ribosomal protein S6. 2021-12-10 2022-01-08 mouse