All Relations between multisensory interaction and consciousness

Reference Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
Antonella Maselli, Pablo Lanillos, Giovanni Pezzul. Active inference unifies intentional and conflict-resolution imperatives of motor control. PLoS computational biology vol 18 issue 6 2022 35714105 however, recent studies in conditions of multisensory conflict, such as when a subject experiences the rubber hand illusion or embodies an avatar in virtual reality, reveal the presence of unconscious movements that are not goal-directed, but rather aim at resolving multisensory conflicts; for example, by aligning the position of a person's arm with that of an embodied avatar. 2022-06-17 2022-06-20 Not clear
Timo Oess, Maximilian P R L\\xc3\\xb6hr, Daniel Schmid, Marc O Ernst, Heiko Neuman. From Near-Optimal Bayesian Integration to Neuromorphic Hardware: A Neural Network Model of Multisensory Integration. Frontiers in neurorobotics vol 14 issue 2020 32499692 this multisensory integration starts in the brain stem to facilitate unconscious reflexes and continues on ascending pathways to cortical areas for further processing. 2020-09-28 2022-01-13 Not clear
Todd E Feinberg, Jon Mallat. The evolutionary and genetic origins of consciousness in the Cambrian Period over 500 million years ago. Frontiers in psychology vol 4 issue 2013 24109460 we propose a two-step evolutionary history, in which the optic tectum was the original center of multi-sensory conscious perception (as in fish and amphibians: step 1), followed by a gradual shift of this center to the dorsal pallium or its cerebral cortex (in mammals, reptiles, birds: step 2). 2013-10-10 2022-01-12 Not clear