All Relations between semantic integration and primary visual cortex

Reference Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
Huawei Xu, Ming Liu, Delong Zhan. How does the brain represent the semantic content of an image? Neural networks : the official journal of the International Neural Network Society vol 154 issue 2022 35849870 using encoding models and the representational similarity analysis, we quantitatively showed that the deep features which represented the semantic content of an image mainly predicted the activity of voxels in the early visual areas (v1, v2, and v3) and these features were essentially depictive but also propositional. 2022-07-18 2022-07-25 Not clear
Antonio Schettino, Andreas Keil, Emanuele Porcu, Matthias M M\\xc3\\xbclle. Shedding light on emotional perception: Interaction of brightness and semantic content in extrastriate visual cortex. NeuroImage vol 133 issue 2018 26994832 shedding light on emotional perception: interaction of brightness and semantic content in extrastriate visual cortex. 2018-01-23 2022-01-12 Not clear
Inga M Schepers, Joerg F Hipp, Till R Schneider, Brigitte R\\xc3\\xb6der, Andreas K Enge. Functionally specific oscillatory activity correlates between visual and auditory cortex in the blind. Brain : a journal of neurology vol 135 issue Pt 3 2012 22366801 source analysis of the spectrally resolved magnetoencephalography data revealed that: (i) neuronal responses to sounds were stronger and longer lasting in the auditory cortex of blind subjects; (ii) auditory stimulation elicited strong oscillatory responses in the visual cortex of blind subjects that closely resembled responses to visual stimulation in sighted humans; (iii) the signal in the gamma frequency range was modulated by semantic congruency between the sounds and the preceding haptic objects; and (iv) signal power in the gamma range was correlated on a trial-by-trial basis between auditory and visual cortex in blind subjects, and the strength of this correlation was modulated by semantic congruency. 2012-04-09 2022-01-12 Not clear