All Relations between local circuit neuron and lamina i of gray matter of spinal cord

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Erika Polg\\xc3\\xa1r, Allen C Dickie, Maria Gutierrez-Mecinas, Andrew M Bell, Kieran A Boyle, Rapha\\xc3\\xablle Quillet, Elisha Ab Rashid, Ross A Clark, Morgan T German, Masahiko Watanabe, John S Riddell, Andrew J Tod. Grpr expression defines a population of superficial dorsal horn vertical cells that have a role in both itch and pain. Pain vol issue 2022 35543635 we had previously identified 6 neurochemically distinct excitatory interneuron populations in this region based on neuropeptide expression and the grpr cells are largely separate from these, although they show some overlap with cells that express substance p. anatomical analysis revealed that the grpr neurons are indeed vertical cells, and that their axons target each other, as well as arborising in regions that contain projection neurons: lamina i, the lateral spinal nucleus and the lateral part of lamina v. surprisingly, given the proposed role of grpr cells in itch, we found that most of the cells received monosynaptic input from trpv1-expressing (nociceptive) afferents, that the great majority responded to noxious and pruritic stimuli, and that chemogenetically activating them resulted in pain- and itch-related behaviours. 2022-05-11 2022-05-12 Not clear