All Relations between microglial cell and gyrus temporalis superior

Reference Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
Smriti Patodia, Yau Mun Lim, Freda Chung, Irene Stylianou, Hanaa El Hachami, Maria Tho. Cortical neuronal hypertrophy and MTOR pathway activation in CAN regions in SUDEP. Epilepsia vol issue 2022 35716147 in a previous post-mortem study we reported increased microglia in can regions, including the superior temporal gyrus (stg) in sudep. 2022-06-18 2022-06-20 Not clear
Marjolein A M Sneeboer, Gijsje J L J Snijders, Woutje M Berdowski, Alba Fern\\xc3\\xa1ndez-Andreu, Hans C van Mierlo, Amber Berdenis van Berlekom, Manja Litjens, Ren\\xc3\\xa9 S Kahn, Elly M Hol, Lot D de Witt. Microglia in post-mortem brain tissue of patients with bipolar disorder are not immune activated. Translational psychiatry vol 9 issue 1 2020 31127084 furthermore, we performed in-depth characterization of human primary microglia isolated from fresh brain tissue of the mfg, superior temporal gyrus (stg), and thalamus (tha). 2020-02-06 2022-01-13 Not clear