All Relations between spindle-shaped and gyrus temporalis inferior

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Bei Lin, Xian-Bin Li, Sen Ruan, Yu-Xin Wu, Chao-Yue Zhang, Chuan-Yue Wang, Lu-Bin Wan. Convergent and divergent gray matter volume abnormalities in unaffected first-degree relatives and ultra-high risk individuals of schizophrenia. Schizophrenia (Heidelberg, Germany) vol 8 issue 1 2022 35853913 on the other hand, the ufdr subjects only showed significant gmv decreases in the inferior temporal gyrus and fusiform. 2022-07-19 2022-07-25 Not clear
Min Zhang, Shuang Liu, Shicong Wang, Yan Xu, Longmao Chen, Ziqiang Shao, Xinwen Wen, Wenhan Yang, Jun Liu, Kai Yua. Reduced thalamic resting-state functional connectivity and impaired cognition in acute abstinent heroin users. Human brain mapping vol 42 issue 7 2021 33459459 meanwhile, the higher tmt-a scores in hu were negatively correlated with pfc_thalamic rsfc with inferior temporal gyrus, fusiform, and precuneus. 2022-01-31 2022-01-14 Not clear
Min Zhang, Shuang Liu, Shicong Wang, Yan Xu, Longmao Chen, Ziqiang Shao, Xinwen Wen, Wenhan Yang, Jun Liu, Kai Yua. Reduced thalamic resting-state functional connectivity and impaired cognition in acute abstinent heroin users. Human brain mapping vol 42 issue 7 2021 33459459 meanwhile, the higher tmt-a scores in hu were negatively correlated with pfc_thalamic rsfc with inferior temporal gyrus, fusiform, and precuneus. 2021-10-11 2022-01-14 Not clear
Charlotte L Rae, Fabien Gierski, Kathleen W Smith, Kyriaki Nikolaou, Amy Davies, Hugo D Critchley, Micka\\xc3\\xabl Naassila, Theodora Duk. Differential brain responses for perception of pain during empathic response in binge drinkers compared to non-binge drinkers. NeuroImage. Clinical vol 27 issue 2021 32645662 binge drinkers showed stronger regional neural activation than non-binge drinkers within a cluster spanning fusiform gyrus and inferior temporal gyrus, encompassing the fusiform body area. 2021-06-25 2022-01-13 Not clear
Mengxue Lan, Maoying Peng, Xiaolin Zhao, Huixiang Li, Juan Yan. Neural processing of the physical attractiveness stereotype: Ugliness is bad vs. beauty is good. Neuropsychologia vol 155 issue 2021 33713669 our results showed that brain areas, including the fusiform, thalamus, anterior insula (ai), precuneus, inferior temporal gyrus, dorsal lateral prefrontal cortex (dlpfc), and dorsal medial prefrontal cortex (dmpfc) were involved in the processing of pas. 2021-06-24 2022-01-13 Not clear
Shun Qi, Hongmei Cao, Rong Wang, Zhijie Jian, Yitong Bian, Jian Yan. Relative increase in cerebellar gray matter in young onset essential tremor: Evidence from voxel-based morphometry analysis. Journal of clinical neuroscience : official journal of the Neurosurgical Society of Australasia vol 79 issue 2020 33070906 voxel-based morphometry showed significant expansion of the bilateral cerebellum, occipital fusiform cortices, right inferior temporal gyrus, and precentral lobes (p\xc2\xa0<\xc2\xa00.05, tfce corrected). 2020-12-18 2022-01-13 Not clear
Chelsea Ekstrand, Josh Neudorf, Shaylyn Kress, Ron Borowsk. How words and space collide: Lexical and sublexical reading are reliant on separable reflexive and voluntary attention regions in hybrid tasks. Cortex; a journal devoted to the study of the nervous system and behavior vol 121 issue 2020 31561127 sublexical reading resulted in greater activation in the left inferior frontal gyrus, left fusiform and inferior temporal gyrus, and right superior parietal lobule and intraparietal sulcus (voluntary orienting regions). 2020-11-24 2022-01-13 Not clear
Rose Bruffaerts, Jolien Schaeverbeke, An-Sofie De Weer, Natalie Nelissen, Eva Dries, Karen Van Bouwel, Anne Sieben, Bruno Bergmans, Charlotte Swinnen, Yolande Pijnenburg, Stefan Sunaert, Mathieu Vandenbulcke, Rik Vandenbergh. Multivariate analysis reveals anatomical correlates of naming errors in primary progressive aphasia. Neurobiology of aging vol 88 issue 2020 31955981 semantic errors, for example, mistaking a rhinoceros for a hippopotamus, were associated with atrophy of the left mid and posterior fusiform cortex and the posterior middle and inferior temporal gyrus. 2020-09-23 2022-01-13 Not clear
Judith Schmitz, Christoph Fraenz, Caroline Schl\\xc3\\xbcter, Patrick Friedrich, Rex E Jung, Onur G\\xc3\\xbcnt\\xc3\\xbcrk\\xc3\\xbcn, Erhan Gen\\xc3\\xa7, Sebastian Ocklenbur. Hemispheric asymmetries in cortical gray matter microstructure identified by neurite orientation dispersion and density imaging. NeuroImage vol 189 issue 2020 30716458 in contrast, we found greater right-hemispheric invf in the fusiform and inferior temporal gyrus, reflecting what has been reported in histological studies. 2020-01-24 2022-01-13 Not clear
Karin Trimmel, Andre L van Graan, Lorenzo Caciagli, Anja Haag, Matthias J Koepp, Pamela J Thompson, John S Dunca. Left temporal lobe language network connectivity in temporal lobe epilepsy. Brain : a journal of neurology vol 141 issue 8 2019 29939211 activations in the left inferior temporal gyrus, left thalamus and left supplementary motor region during auditory naming as well as left fusiform activations during picture naming correlated with better clinical naming performance. 2019-07-15 2022-01-13 Not clear
Hongmei Cao, Rong Wang, Xue Luo, Xianjun Li, Mark Hallett, Johanna Thompson-Westra, Jian Yang, Qiumin Qu, Xiaobo Yan. A Voxel-Based Magnetic Resonance Imaging Morphometric Study of Cerebral and Cerebellar Gray Matter in Patients Under 65 Years with Essential Tremor. Medical science monitor : international medical journal of experimental and clinical research vol 24 issue 2018 29754151 results mri and vbm analysis showed significant bilateral expansion of the cerebellum, occipital fusiform cortices, right inferior temporal gyrus, and precentral lobes in patients with essential tremor (p<0.005); reduction in gray matter was found in the left parietal lobe. 2018-10-01 2022-01-13 Not clear
Florence Bouhali, Valeria Mongelli, Laurent Cohe. Musical literacy shifts asymmetries in the ventral visual cortex. NeuroImage vol 156 issue 2018 28412439 the results supported both predictions, and allowed to locate the leftward shift to the inferior temporal gyrus and the rightward shift to the fusiform cortex. 2018-04-26 2022-01-13 Not clear
Jizheng Zhao, Mintong Li, Yi Zhang, Huaibo Song, Karen M von Deneen, Yinggang Shi, Yijun Liu, Dongjian H. Intrinsic brain subsystem associated with dietary restraint, disinhibition and hunger: an fMRI study. Brain imaging and behavior vol 11 issue 1 2018 26860835 within the brain regions relating to dietary restraint, weight status was negatively correlated with fc of the left middle temporal gyrus and left inferior temporal gyrus, and was positively associated with the fc of regions in the anterior temporal gyrus and fusiform visual cortex. 2018-01-25 2022-01-12 Not clear
Anne Uhlmann, Jean-Paul Fouche, Nastassja Koen, Ernesta M Meintjes, Don Wilson, Dan J Stei. Fronto-temporal alterations and affect regulation in methamphetamine dependence with and without a history of psychosis. Psychiatry research. Neuroimaging vol 248 issue 2016 26792587 map patients showed thinner cortices in the fusiform and inferior temporal gyrus (itg), orbitofrontal (ofc) and inferior frontal gyrus (ifg), and insula, compared to the ma group. 2016-10-07 2022-01-12 Not clear
Azurii K Collier, Daniel H Wolf, Jeffrey N Valdez, Raquel E Gur, Ruben C Gu. Subsequent memory effects in schizophrenia. Psychiatry research vol 224 issue 3 2015 25453165 exploratory whole brain analyses in patients demonstrated sm activation in the occipital pole, lateral occipital cortex, left inferior temporal gyrus, and fusiform cortex; whereas in controls there was no significant activation that survived correction for multiple comparisons. 2015-07-06 2022-01-12 Not clear
Muireann Irish, John R Hodges, Olivier Pigue. Right anterior temporal lobe dysfunction underlies theory of mind impairments in semantic dementia. Brain : a journal of neurology vol 137 issue Pt 4 2014 24523434 voxel-based morphometry analyses revealed that atrophy in right anterior temporal lobe structures, including the right temporal fusiform cortex, right inferior temporal gyrus, bilateral temporal poles and amygdalae, correlated significantly with theory of mind impairments in the semantic dementia group. 2014-05-21 2022-01-12 Not clear
Federica Spagnolli, Roberto Cerini, Nicol\\xc3\\xb2 Cardobi, Marco Barillari, Paolo Manganotti, Silvia Storti, Roberto Pozzi Mucell. Brain modifications after acute alcohol consumption analyzed by resting state fMRI. Magnetic resonance imaging vol 31 issue 8 2014 23680187 the results we obtained reveal that acute consumption of alcohol reduces in a significant way the bold signal fluctuations in the resting brain selectively in the sub-callosal cortex (scc), in left temporal fusiform cortex (tfc) and left inferior temporal gyrus (itg), which are cognitive regions known to be part of the reward brain network and the ventral visual system. 2014-04-03 2022-01-12 Not clear
Nasheed I Jamal, Ashley W Piche, Eileen M Napoliello, Charles A Perfetti, Guinevere F Ede. Neural basis of single-word reading in Spanish-English bilinguals. Human brain mapping vol 33 issue 1 2012 21391265 word processing in english activated the left inferior frontal, middle frontal, and fusiform gyri extending to inferior temporal gyrus and the right middle temporal gyrus extending into superior temporal sulcus. 2012-04-10 2022-01-12 Not clear
Hongbo Yu, Lanyun Gong, Yinchen Qiu, Xiaolin Zho. Seeing Chinese characters in action: an fMRI study of the perception of writing sequences. Brain and language vol 119 issue 2 2012 21220170 compared with the correct sequences, both types of violation engendered more activation in the left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (dlpfc) while the two-stroke reversal elicited additional activation in the supplementary motor area and the three-stroke reversal elicited additional activation in the left fusiform area and the right inferior temporal gyrus. 2012-01-16 2022-01-13 Not clear
Erminio Capitani, Francesca Chieppa, Marcella Laiacon. Associated impairment of the categories of conspecifics and biological entities: cognitive and neuroanatomical aspects of a new case. Cognitive neuropsychology vol 27 issue 3 2011 20835932 her bilateral vascular lesions were localized on the medial and inferior temporal gyrus on the right and on the intermediate fusiform gyrus on the left, without concomitant lesions of the parahippocampal gyrus or posterior fusiform. 2011-03-01 2022-01-12 Not clear
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