All Relations between spindle-shaped and temporopolar cortex

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Olga R Dobrushina, Larisa A Dobrynina, Galina A Arina, Elena I Kremneva, Evgenia S Novikova, Mariia V Gubanova, Ekaterina V Pechenkova, Anastasia D Suslina, Vlada V Aristova, Viktoriya V Trubitsyna, Marina V Krotenkov. Enhancing Brain Connectivity With Infra-Low Frequency Neurofeedback During Aging: A Pilot Study. Frontiers in human neuroscience vol 16 issue 2022 35712529 a hypothesis-free intrinsic connectivity analysis showed increased connectivity in regions in the bilateral temporal fusiform cortex, right supplementary motor area, left amygdala, left temporal pole, and cerebellum. 2022-06-17 2022-06-20 Not clear
Alexandros Afthinos, Charalambos Themistocleous, Olivia Herrmann, Hongli Fan, Hanzhang Lu, Kyrana Tsapkin. The Contribution of Working Memory Areas to Verbal Learning and Recall in Primary Progressive Aphasia. Frontiers in neurology vol 13 issue 2022 35250797 as learning unfolds, areas with subserving semantic wm (ag_l), as well as lexical/semantic (inferior temporal and fusiform gyri, temporal pole), and episodic memory (hippocampal complex) become more involved. 2022-03-08 2022-03-09 Not clear
Alexandros Afthinos, Charalambos Themistocleous, Olivia Herrmann, Hongli Fan, Hanzhang Lu, Kyrana Tsapkin. The Contribution of Working Memory Areas to Verbal Learning and Recall in Primary Progressive Aphasia. Frontiers in neurology vol 13 issue 2022 35250797 as learning unfolds, areas with subserving semantic wm (ag_l), as well as lexical/semantic (inferior temporal and fusiform gyri, temporal pole), and episodic memory (hippocampal complex) become more involved. 2022-03-07 2022-03-09 Not clear
Ang\\xc3\\xa9lique Volfart, Xiaoqian Yan, Louis Maillard, Sophie Colnat-Coulbois, Gabriela Hossu, Bruno Rossion, Jacques Jona. Intracerebral electrical stimulation of the right anterior fusiform gyrus impairs human face identity recognition. NeuroImage vol issue 2022 35085763 brain regions located between the right fusiform face area (ffa) in the middle fusiform gyrus and the temporal pole may play a critical role in human face identity recognition but their investigation is limited by a large signal drop-out in functional magnetic resonance imaging (fmri). 2022-01-27 2022-02-06 Not clear
Jonas G Miller, Sharon Shrestha, Allan L Reiss, Pascal Vrti\\xc4\\x8dk. Neural bases of social feedback processing and self-other distinction in late childhood: The role of attachment and age. Cognitive, affective & behavioral neuroscience vol 20 issue 3 2021 32141028 in addition to observing main effects of facial emotion and performance, an increase in age was related to a shift from negative (i.e., angry faces/bad performance) to positive (i.e., smiling faces/good performance) information processing in the left amygdala/hippocampus, bilateral fusiform face area, bilateral anterior temporal pole (atp), and left anterior insula. 2021-08-30 2022-01-13 Not clear
Xia Deng, Zheng Liu, Qin Kang, Lin Lu, Yu Zhu, Renshi X. Cortical Structural Connectivity Alterations and Potential Pathogenesis in Mid-Stage Sporadic Parkinson's Disease. Frontiers in aging neuroscience vol 13 issue 2021 34135748 results showed that the significant alteration of cortical structural connectivity mainly occurred in the bilateral frontal orbital, opercular, triangular, precentral, rectus, supplementary-motor, temporal pole, angular, heschl, parietal, supramarginal, postcentral, precuneus, occipital, lingual, cuneus, rolandic-opercular, cingulum, parahippocampal, calcarine, olfactory, insula, paracentral-lobule, and fusiform regions at the mid-stage of spd. 2021-06-19 2022-01-13 Not clear
Erik Kaestner, Anny Reyes, Austin Chen, Jun Rao, Anna Christina Macari, Joon Yul Choi, Deqiang Qiu, Kelsey Hewitt, Zhong Irene Wang, Daniel L Drane, Bruce Hermann, Robyn M Busch, Vineet Punia, Carrie R McDonal. Atrophy and cognitive profiles in older adults with temporal lobe epilepsy are similar to mild cognitive impairment. Brain : a journal of neurology vol 144 issue 1 2021 33279986 region of interest analyses revealed pronounced medial temporal lobe thinning in both patient groups in bilateral entorhinal, temporal pole, and fusiform regions (all p\xe2\x80\x89<\xe2\x80\x890.05). 2021-04-20 2022-01-13 Not clear
Faye F McKenna, Laura Miles, James S Babb, Donald C Goff, Mariana Laza. Diffusion kurtosis imaging of gray matter in schizophrenia. Cortex; a journal devoted to the study of the nervous system and behavior vol 121 issue 2020 31629198 we found significantly increased mk and md in sz compared to hc participants in the temporal lobe, sub-lobar temporal cortical regions (fusiform, inferior temporal, middle temporal and temporal pole), and posterior cingulate cortex after correcting for multiple comparisons. 2020-11-24 2022-01-13 Not clear
Paolo Bonifazi, Asier Erramuzpe, Ibai Diez, I\\xc3\\xb1igo Gabilondo, Matthieu P Boisgontier, Lisa Pauwels, Sebastiano Stramaglia, Stephan P Swinnen, Jesus M Corte. Structure-function multi-scale connectomics reveals a major role of the fronto-striato-thalamic circuit in brain aging. Human brain mapping vol 39 issue 12 2019 30004604 first, we found that aging widely affects the connectivity of multiple structures, such as anterior cingulate and medial prefrontal cortices, basal ganglia, thalamus, insula, cingulum, hippocampus, parahippocampus, occipital cortex, fusiform, precuneus, and temporal pole. 2019-07-03 2022-01-13 Not clear
Molly R LaPoint, Jasmeer P Chhatwal, Jorge Sepulcre, Keith A Johnson, Reisa A Sperling, Aaron P Schult. The association between tau PET and retrospective cortical thinning in clinically normal elderly. NeuroImage vol 157 issue 2018 28545932 significant local relationships were seen in right superior temporal, middle temporal, temporal pole, and fusiform, as well as the left cuneus and banks of the left superior temporal sulcus. 2018-05-28 2022-01-13 Not clear
Fiona Kumfor, Ramon Landin-Romero, Emma Devenney, Rosalind Hutchings, Roberto Grasso, John R Hodges, Olivier Pigue. On the right side? A longitudinal study of left- versus right-lateralized semantic dementia. Brain : a journal of neurology vol 139 issue Pt 3 2016 26811253 correlational analyses revealed that emotion recognition was associated with right temporal pole, right medial orbitofrontal and right fusiform integrity, while changes in motivation were associated with right temporal pole cortical thinning. 2016-07-18 2022-01-12 Not clear
Elisa Canu, Milutin Kosti\\xc4\\x87, Federica Agosta, Ana Munjiza, Pilar M Ferraro, Danilo Pesic, Massimiliano Copetti, Amir Peljto, Dusica Lecic Tosevski, Massimo Filipp. Brain structural abnormalities in patients with major depression with or without generalized anxiety disorder comorbidity. Journal of neurology vol 262 issue 5 2016 25794861 compared to controls and mdd patients, mdd-gad cases also showed a thinning of the right medial orbitofrontal and fusiform gyri, and left temporal pole and lateral occipital cortices. 2016-03-14 2022-01-12 Not clear
Andrea Mike, Erzsebet Strammer, Mihaly Aradi, Gergely Orsi, Gabor Perlaki, Andras Hajnal, Janos Sandor, Miklos Banati, Eniko Illes, Alexander Zaitsev, Robert Herold, Charles R G Guttmann, Zsolt Ille. Disconnection mechanism and regional cortical atrophy contribute to impaired processing of facial expressions and theory of mind in multiple sclerosis: a structural MRI study. PloS one vol 8 issue 12 2014 24349280 both of these tests showed correlations with specific cortical areas involved in emotion recognition from facial expressions (right and left fusiform face area, frontal eye filed), processing of emotions (right entorhinal cortex) and socially relevant information (left temporal pole). 2014-10-12 2022-01-12 Not clear
Guy A Orban, Qi Zhu, Wim Vanduffe. The transition in the ventral stream from feature to real-world entity representations. Frontiers in psychology vol 5 issue 2014 25071663 we propose that the ventral visual pathway of human and non-human primates is organized into three levels: (1) ventral retinotopic cortex including what is known as teo in the monkey but corresponds to v4a and pitd/v, and the phpit cluster in humans, (2) area te in the monkey and its homolog loc and neighboring fusiform regions, and more speculatively, (3) tgv in the monkey and its possible human equivalent, the temporal pole. 2014-07-29 2022-01-12 Not clear
Colm J McGinnity, Miho Shidahara, Maria Feldmann, Shiva Keihaninejad, Daniela A Ria\\xc3\\xb1o Barros, Ioannis S Gousias, John S Duncan, David J Brooks, Rolf A Heckemann, Federico E Turkheimer, Alexander Hammers, Matthias J Koep. Quantification of opioid receptor availability following spontaneous epileptic seizures: correction of [11C]diprenorphine PET data for the partial-volume effect. NeuroImage vol 79 issue 2014 23597934 post-ictal increases were observed in the ipsilateral fusiform gyri and lateral temporal pole. 2014-01-06 2022-01-12 Not clear
Jing Yang, Pinglei Pan, Wei Song, Hui-Fang Shan. Quantitative meta-analysis of gray matter abnormalities in semantic dementia. Journal of Alzheimer's disease : JAD vol 31 issue 4 2013 22699847 gray matter volume reductions were found in bilateral fusiform and inferior temporal gyri, extending to the medial portion of the temporal lobes (including amygdala and parahippocampal gyri), left temporal pole, middle temporal gyrus, and caudate. 2013-07-08 2022-01-12 Not clear
Stefano Anzellotti, Bradford Z Mahon, Jens Schwarzbach, Alfonso Caramazz. Differential activity for animals and manipulable objects in the anterior temporal lobes. Journal of cognitive neuroscience vol 23 issue 8 2011 20815733 we found that in the right temporal pole, the bold signal shows some evidence of being modulated by the task that participants were asked to perform, whereas bold activity in more posterior regions (e.g., the fusiform gyri) is not modulated by the task. 2011-09-23 2022-01-12 Not clear
Mara Mather, Nichole R Lighthall, Lin Nga, Marissa A Gorlic. Sex differences in how stress affects brain activity during face viewing. Neuroreport vol 21 issue 14 2011 20808182 furthermore, among stressed men viewing angry faces, brain regions involved in interpreting and understanding others' emotions (the insula, temporal pole, and inferior frontal gyrus) showed reduced coordination with the fusiform face area and the amygdala, whereas the functional connectivity among these regions increased with stress for women. 2011-05-24 2022-01-12 Not clear
S M Brambati, J Ogar, J Neuhaus, B L Miller, M L Gorno-Tempin. Reading disorders in primary progressive aphasia: a behavioral and neuroimaging study. Neuropsychologia vol 47 issue 8-9 2009 19428421 neuroimaging results showed that exception word reading accuracy correlated with gray matter volume in the left anterior temporal structures, including the temporal pole, the anterior superior and middle temporal and fusiform gyri, while pseudo-word reading accuracy correlated with left temporoparietal regions, including the posterior superior and middle temporal and fusiform gyri, and the inferior parietal lobule. 2009-08-10 2022-01-12 Not clear
Stephen R Arnott, Charles A Heywood, Robert W Kentridge, Melvyn A Goodal. Voice recognition and the posterior cingulate: an fMRI study of prosopagnosia. Journal of neuropsychology vol 2 issue 1 2009 19334314 voice recognition has been shown to evoke a distributed network of brain regions that includes, in addition to the superior temporal sulcus (sts), the anterior temporal pole, fusiform face area (ffa), and posterior cingulate gyrus (pcg). 2009-04-16 2022-01-12 Not clear
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