All Relations between area 45 of brodmann-1909 and matrix compartment

Reference Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
Yang Liu, Li Hu Wang, Li Bo Yang, Xue Mei Li. Drought prediction based on an improved VMD-OS-QR-ELM model. PloS one vol 17 issue 1 2022 34990468 The model first redefines the output of the hidden layer of the ELM model with orthogonal triangular matrix decomposition (QR) to construct an orthogonal triangular ELM (QR-ELM), and then introduces an online sequence learning mechanism (OS) into the QR-ELM to construct an online sequence OR-ELM (OS-QR-ELM), which effectively improves the efficiency of the ELM model. 2022-01-06 2022-01-09 Not clear
E M Parshkov, R A Brodski\\xc4\\xad, N A Pogudin. [Ultrastructure of the enterocytes of the upper 3d of the villi of murine small intestine]. Tsitologiia vol 18 issue 11 1977 1029124 It was found that enterocytes moving to the top of the villus underwent regular structural rearrangements that involve the appearance of triangular dilatations of the intercellular spaces at the cell base, condensation of the mitochondrial matrix, reduction of ergastoplasmic reticulum and dictyosome hypertrophy. 1977-09-17 2022-01-07 mouse