All Relations between island of reil and gyrus temporalis superior

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Yuluo Liu, Xiangyu Wang, Shan Gui, Fang Tong, Zilong Liu, Lian Yang, Yiwu Zho. The Common and Different Neural Bases of Distraction and Reinterpretation: A Meta-Analysis of fMRI Studies. Journal of integrative neuroscience vol 21 issue 4 2022 35864759 the macm results showed that distraction and reinterpretation share a common emotion regulation network, including the bilateral dlpfc, the dorsal medial prefrontal cortex, the inferior parietal lobule, the insula, the left (pre) supplementary motor area, the left middle temporal gyrus, and the right superior temporal gyrus. 2022-07-22 2022-07-25 Not clear
Yajing Pang, Shanshan Zhao, Zhihui Li, Nan Li, Jiarui Yu, Rui Zhang, Fengmei Lu, Heng Chen, Fengchun Wu, Wei Zheng, Jingjing Gao, Yongfeng Yang, Huawang Wu, Jiaojian Wan. Enduring effect of abuse: Childhood maltreatment links to altered theory of mind network among adults. Human brain mapping vol issue 2022 35089635 relative to controls, adults with cm suffered a higher level of temperament and impulsivity and showed decreased fc between the insula and superior temporal gyrus (stg) and between inferior parietal lobule (ipl) and middle frontal gyrus, stg, and dorsal anterior cingulate cortex (dacc), while increased fc between ipl and cuneus and superior frontal gyrus (sfg) regions. 2022-01-28 2022-02-06 Not clear
Marjolein E A Barendse, Nicholas B Allen, Lisa Sheeber, Jennifer H Pfeife. The Impact of Depression on Mothers' Neural Processing of Their Adolescents' Affective Behavior. Social cognitive and affective neuroscience vol issue 2022 34999900 relative to non-depressed mothers, those with depression showed more aggressive and less positive affective behavior during the interaction task; and more activation in bilateral insula, superior temporal gyrus and striatum but less in lateral prefrontal cortex while viewing aggressive and neutral affect. 2022-01-09 2022-01-13 Not clear
Christina V Schmitter, Olaf Steinstr\\xc3\\xa4ter, Tilo Kircher, Bianca M van Kemenade, Benjamin Straub. Commonalities and differences in predictive neural processing of discrete vs continuous action feedback. NeuroImage vol 229 issue 2021 33454410 together, these findings indicate that neural representations of discrete and continuous action feedback are similarly suppressed but might depend on different predictive mechanisms, where reduced activation in visual cortex reflects facilitation specifically for discrete outcomes, and predictive processing in stg, heschl\xc2\xb4s gyrus, and insula is particularly relevant for continuous feedback. 2021-10-12 2022-01-14 Not clear
Junhai Xu, Haibin Dong, Na Li, Zeyu Wang, Fei Guo, Jianguo Wei, Jianwu Dan. Weighted RSA: An Improved Framework on the Perception of Audio-visual Affective Speech in Left Insula and Superior Temporal Gyrus. Neuroscience vol 469 issue 2021 34119576 weighted rsa: an improved framework on the perception of audio-visual affective speech in left insula and superior temporal gyrus. 2021-07-27 2022-01-13 Not clear
Junhai Xu, Haibin Dong, Na Li, Zeyu Wang, Fei Guo, Jianguo Wei, Jianwu Dan. Weighted RSA: An Improved Framework on the Perception of Audio-visual Affective Speech in Left Insula and Superior Temporal Gyrus. Neuroscience vol 469 issue 2021 34119576 it is indicated that the left posterior insula and the left anterior superior temporal gyrus (stg) play important roles in the perception of multimodal speech emotion. 2021-07-27 2022-01-13 Not clear
Li-Juan Shi, Han-Yu Zhou, Yi Wang, Yan-Mei Shen, Yu-Min Fang, Yu-Qiong He, Jian-Jun Ou, Hua-Bing Li, Xue-Rong Luo, Eric F C Cheung, Christos Pantelis, Raymond C K Cha. Altered empathy-related resting-state functional connectivity in adolescents with early-onset schizophrenia and autism spectrum disorders. Asian journal of psychiatry vol 53 issue 2021 32474345 regions-of-interest-based functional connectivity revealed decreased connectivity between the salience network (sn) (i.e., the anterior insula and the anterior cingulate cortex) and core regions of the mentalizing network (e.g., the temporal-parietal junction and the precuneus), and among the sn and the bilateral superior temporal gyri (stg) and the left cerebellum in eos participants. 2021-06-21 2022-01-13 Not clear
Qin Li, Benjamin Becker, Xi Jiang, Zhiying Zhao, Qiong Zhang, Shuxia Yao, Keith M Kendric. Decreased interhemispheric functional connectivity rather than corpus callosum volume as a potential biomarker for autism spectrum disorder. Cortex; a journal devoted to the study of the nervous system and behavior vol 119 issue 2020 31167156 asd subjects demonstrated significant reductions in interhemispheric functional connections between regions in the default mode network (medial prefrontal, posterior cingulate and precuneus), salience network (anterior cingulate and insula), mirror neuron/motor systems (inferior frontal gyrus, inferior parietal lobule, precentral gyrus, supplementary motor area), thalamus and auditory (superior temporal gyrus) and visual systems (lingual, fusiform and inferior occipital gyri). 2020-11-03 2022-01-13 Not clear
Soo-Hyun Paik, Chang-Hyun Park, Jin-Young Kim, Ji-Won Chun, Jung-Seok Choi, Dai-Jin Ki. Prolonged Bedtime Smartphone Use is Associated With Altered Resting-State Functional Connectivity of the Insula in Adult Smartphone Users. Frontiers in psychiatry vol 10 issue 2020 31474880 the strength of the rsfc between the left insula and right putamen, and between the right insula and left superior frontal, middle temporal, fusiform, inferior orbitofrontal gyrus and right superior temporal gyrus was positively correlated with smartphone time in bed. 2020-10-01 2022-01-13 Not clear
Jochem M Jansen, Odile A van den Heuvel, Ysbrand D van der Werf, Stella J de Wit, Dick J Veltman, Wim van den Brink, Anna E Goudriaa. Emotion Processing, Reappraisal, and Craving in Alcohol Dependence: A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study. Frontiers in psychiatry vol 10 issue 2020 31057439 however, adps were different from hc in emotion processing: adps revealed a blunted response in the (posterior) insula, precuneus, operculum, and superior temporal gyrus while attending emotional images compared neutral images compared to hcs, and in adps, higher baseline craving levels were associated with a less blunted response to alcohol-related images than in hcs. 2020-09-30 2022-01-13 Not clear
Li Song, Jie Meng, Qiang Liu, Tengbin Huo, Xingxing Zhu, Yiman Li, Zhiting Ren, Xiao Wang, Jiang Qi. Polygenic Score of Subjective Well-Being Is Associated with the Brain Morphology in Superior Temporal Gyrus and Insula. Neuroscience vol 414 issue 2020 31173807 in whole-brain analyses, we found that a higher pgs was significantly associated with increased ct in the right superior temporal gyrus (stg) and gmv in the right insula, both of which are involved in social cognition and emotional processing. 2020-03-13 2022-01-13 Not clear
Feng-Mei Fan, Hong Xiang, Yun Wen, Yan-Li Zhao, Xiao-Lin Zhu, Yun-Hui Wang, Fu-De Yang, Yun-Long Tan, Shu-Ping Ta. Brain Abnormalities in Different Phases of Working Memory in Schizophrenia: An Integrative Multi-Modal MRI Study. The Journal of nervous and mental disease vol 207 issue 9 2020 31465311 compared with controls, patients exhibited decreased functional activation in prefrontal areas, insula, lingual gyrus, and superior temporal gyrus during different phases of wm. 2020-03-11 2022-01-13 Not clear
Lydia Kogler, Eva-Maria Seidel, Hannah Metzler, Hanna Thaler, Roland N Boubela, Jens C Pruessner, Ilse Kryspin-Exner, Ruben C Gur, Christian Windischberger, Ewald Moser, Ute Habel, Birgit Dernt. Impact of self-esteem and sex on stress reactions. Scientific reports vol 7 issue 1 2019 29222516 self-esteem had an impact on precuneus, insula and stg activation during stress across the whole group. 2019-07-12 2022-01-13 Not clear
Sun-Young Oh, Rainer Boegle, Matthias Ertl, Thomas Stephan, Marianne Dieteric. Multisensory vestibular, vestibular-auditory, and auditory network effects revealed by parametric sound pressure stimulation. NeuroImage vol 176 issue 2019 29702184 based on these parametric analyses, we suggest that the caudal part of the stg and posterior insula could contain areas of vestibular contribution to auditory processing, i.e., higher vestibular cortices that provide multisensory integration that is important for tasks such as spatial localization of sound. 2019-02-01 2022-01-13 Not clear
M R Pereira-Jorge, K C Andrade, F X Palhano-Fontes, P R B Diniz, M Sturzbecher, A C Santos, D B Arauj. Anatomical and Functional MRI Changes after One Year of Auditory Rehabilitation with Hearing Aids. Neural plasticity vol 2018 issue 2018 30275823 prior to ha fitting, fmri activity was found reduced in the auditory and language systems and increased in visual and frontal areas, expanding to multimodal integration cortices, such as the superior temporal gyrus, intraparietal sulcus, and insula. 2018-12-11 2022-01-13 Not clear
M Boccia, C Dacquino, L Piccardi, P Cordellieri, C Guariglia, F Ferlazzo, S Ferracuti, A M Giannin. Neural foundation of human moral reasoning: an ALE meta-analysis about the role of personal perspective. Brain imaging and behavior vol 11 issue 1 2018 26809288 within this network we found a neural segregation as a function of the personal perspective, with 1pp eliciting higher activation in the bilateral insula and superior temporal gyrus as well as in the anterior cingulate cortex, lingual and fusiform gyri, middle temporal gyrus and precentral gyrus in the left hemisphere, and 3pp eliciting higher activation in the bilateral amygdala, the posterior cingulate cortex, insula and supramarginal gyrus in the left hemisphere as well as the medial and ventromedial prefrontal cortex in the right hemisphere. 2018-01-25 2022-01-12 Not clear
Weixiong Jiang, Gang Li, Huasheng Liu, Feng Shi, Tao Wang, Celina Shen, Hui Shen, Seong-Whan Lee, Dewen Hu, Wei Wang, Dinggang She. Reduced cortical thickness and increased surface area in antisocial personality disorder. Neuroscience vol 337 issue 2017 27600947 in addition, we also found that the ability of impulse control was positively correlated with cth in the sfg, mfg, orbitofrontal cortex (ofc), pars triangularis, superior temporal gyrus (stg), and insula cortex. 2017-12-21 2022-01-12 Not clear
Tianqi Wang, Xiaolong Zhang, Ang Li, Meifang Zhu, Shu Liu, Wen Qin, Jin Li, Chunshui Yu, Tianzi Jiang, Bing Li. Polygenic risk for five psychiatric disorders and cross-disorder and disorder-specific neural connectivity in two independent populations. NeuroImage. Clinical vol 14 issue 2017 28275544 consistent altered functional connectivity was found with the bilateral insula: for the left supplementary motor area and the left superior temporal gyrus with the cross-disorder pgrs, for the left insula and right middle and superior temporal lobe associated with the pgrs for autism, for the bilateral midbrain, posterior cingulate, cuneus, and precuneus associated with the pgrs for bd, and for the left angular gyrus and the left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex associated with the pgrs for schizophrenia. 2017-11-03 2022-01-13 Not clear
Fiona Kumfor, Muireann Irish, John R Hodges, Olivier Pigue. Discrete Neural Correlates for the Recognition of Negative Emotions: Insights from Frontotemporal Dementia. PloS one vol 8 issue 6 2017 23805313 fear recognition was associated with the right amygdala; disgust recognition with the left insula; anger recognition with the left middle and superior temporal gyrus; and sadness recognition with the left subcallosal cingulate, indicating that discrete neural substrates are necessary for emotion recognition in frontotemporal dementia. 2017-10-17 2022-01-12 Not clear
Matthew E Sachs, Robert J Ellis, Gottfried Schlaug, Psyche Lou. Brain connectivity reflects human aesthetic responses to music. Social cognitive and affective neuroscience vol 11 issue 6 2017 26966157 using a combination of survey data, behavioral and psychophysiological measures and diffusion tensor imaging, we found that white matter connectivity between sensory processing areas in the superior temporal gyrus and emotional and social processing areas in the insula and medial prefrontal cortex explains individual differences in reward sensitivity to music. 2017-04-28 2022-01-12 Not clear
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